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An extraordinary collection of sophisticated stems and glasses, designed to enhance the flavours and experience of your favourite beer.

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  • Jazz Long Drink  49161Q868

    Jazz Long Drink
    11 1/4 oz (33.0 cl) 

  • Stern Beer mug  49164Q894

    Stern Beer mug
    17 1/2 oz (51.0 cl) 

  • Stern Beer Mug  49164Q893

    Stern Beer Mug
    8 1/2 oz (25.5 cl) 

  • Ale Beer Glass  49117Q057

    Ale Beer Glass
    17 1/4 oz (51 cl) 

  • Ale Beer Glass  49117Q058

    Ale Beer Glass
    14 1/4 oz (42.1 cl) 

  • Executive Beer  4917Q081

    Executive Beer
    13 1/4 oz (39.2 cl) 

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Steelite Operations Announcement

As England enters a period of new National Restrictions as of Thursday 5th November 2020 to Wednesday 2nd December 2020, Steelite International will remain open for business during this time.

For further information or details on our products and services please contact 01782 821000 where we have staff who can help assist your call.