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Brown Dapple spotted at Fitaly in London

11 May 2018

Brown Dapple from the Steelite International Performance range has been spotted at Fitaly, a modern cafe and eatery in Kensington which specialises in serving clean vegan and gluten-free dishes. From freshly baked artisan breads and cakes, to light bites, lunches and dinners, the cafe serves simple healthy dishes which are freshly prepared using ingredients which are directly imported from Italy for a truly authentic taste.

The dish pictured illustrates this perfectly as it shows a delicious looking starter which is presented on Steelite International’s Brown Dapple tableware. With a glossy white finish and minimal dappled detailing around the edge of each plate and bowl, Brown Dapple adds a rustic yet minimal feel to the tabletop. Simple in style yet still exuding a warm and welcoming feel, the carefully selected tableware looks perfectly at home in Fitaly.

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