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A rustic Craft sighting at The Tommy Tucker restaurant, London

16 April 2018

Craft has been spotted at The Tommy Tucker, a friendly and relaxing pub in Fulham which is renowned for serving delicious seasonal dishes which are bursting with flavour. With scrubbed pine tables, classy metal fittings and an open fire, the pub has an unmistakable rustic charm which contrasts perfectly with the bustling London streets outside. The cuisine pictured reflects this perfectly, showing two stunning dishes which have been beautifully presented on Craft catering plates. Celebrating chance reactions which occur in the heart of the kiln and featuring colourful gem like glazes which are applied by hand, each Craft plate is unique in appearance and adds a playful yet relaxed charm to the tabletop.

Made in our durable alumina vitrified body, Craft is perfectly suited to a range of dining styles, from casual pub dining, to modern fine dining. To view from the Steelite International Performance ranges, follow the links below.

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